Funny thoughts: people tell me that I inspire them because I follow my dreams. I don’t do that! I don’t feel like I know exactly how the dream looks like and that I have a guide to follow – this would be very easy, isn’t it? I just dream of something and if it is very powerful and it grows inside, at some point I start living my dreams! What does it mean exactly? It means that I start moving in a certain direction – actions, situations, people appear in my life. Does it look like I imagined? Sometimes it is better, sometimes it is just different and inconfortable. Sometimes it feels like I’ve got it, I’ve got the taste of it, but most of the time I’m on my way to fulfill the dream.

Sometimes, being on the road it is frustrating for me, while for others it seems “pinky”. Perhaps this is why I am attracted to working with high schools – teenagers are not afraid to dream big – until their dreams are killed by the grown ups. So, lucky me! 🙂

Do you still find this lifestyle tempting? Watch out! When your dream grows big, then the dream may start dreaming/living you! Perhaps you are the dream that your dream dreamed of, so that it could become true. 🙂 And it is a true love story between you and your dream. Welcome to the unknown and the unfamiliar world of living your dreams!

What is my dream about? During the last three years, my life was a lot about education. About a world where children are treasured for who they are and their dreams are not killed any more. A world where we understand/support each other and nobody is left behind. About people being alive, loving, fearless, and without worries.

Lately, I started to long for my own home. I have a new dream about a peaceful life, a welcoming house, with a big yard and huge trees for my family. Children, horses, dogs. I don’t know about cats yet :-)… I have a taste of that, I found a few heavens here on Earth and there a pieces I started to put together…

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